Lola & Max

Lola and Max met working in a pub whilst studying in Brighton 4 years ago, so naturally we met and started their session at the pub. My approach to photography is very laid back, I want you to feel at ease and just be yourselves, that way I feel I can capture the true you and your real relationships. Lola and Max very quickly relaxed as I got to know them over a drink and they talked about how they met and their relationship. I like to think they didn’t even notice me have my camera out at this point, it just felt like a few friends at the pub catching up.

I’m still fairly new to Brighton so I let them lead the way, all I knew was that I wanted to end up at the pier for the sunset. We started at the band stand then headed down to the beach, I asked them to stop for the first posed shot of the session in front of the burnt pier. If you’re after cute photos with your other half but scared about posing, you don’t need to be. Here I just asked Lola and Max to stand in one spot and be themselves, just look at each other and be yourselves.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather for mid December, on the way to the session I almost drowned in Worthing where it was raining cats and dogs! As we arrived to the pier the sky was golden! This is my favourite time to shoot, if you book a couples or family session with me no doubt I will suggest doing it at ‘golden hour’ which is the hour just before sunset. That’s when the magic happens.

My favourite images from this session were taken right as the sun was setting in front of the carousel on Brighton Palace Pier. I used a glass prism to reflect the lights from the top of the carousel to the bottom of the image to create more interest in the image.

Lola said she’d been bugging Max for ages to get some good photos of them, and now Max said he’s got a few get out of jail free cards for going along with it but now they both have beautiful images that they can treasure forever.

You don’t need a special occasion to book a photography session. Some of my favourite photos are just from a relaxed walk by the sea or gone for a coffee in town. There are real life moments that sometimes get overlooked but are well worth having.

Enjoy a selection from Lola and Max’s casual couples session down on Brighton Beach.


Cyprus 15.11.18-19.11.18 The trip started with a visit to Hala Sultan Tekke, Larnaca Salt Lake, which is a haven for stray cats. There must have been 50 cats just chilling outside the mosque there. There is shelter for them and they are well feed. I am a bit of a crazy cat lady so this was a great way to kick start the trip. I stayed with my life long friend Rachel who has moved to Cyprus permanently, which I was extremely upset about until it clicked that I now have a great excuse to go to Cyprus. She did an amazing job showing me around and I convinced her to model for me when we visited the Kalidonian Falls at the end of the trip. We also stumbled across a ruined church on the way back from the falls. Cyprus is such a beautiful country and I can’t wait to visit again in the summer as I didn’t get to swim this November. Below are some of my favourites of the stray cats, Rachel’s puppies on the beach, Larnaca town and our trip to Kalidonian Falls.

Max's First Birthday

Maxwell turned one year old on the 7th of June 2018 and on the 10th his family put on a fantastic birthday bash, and cake smash! I love cake smash shoots, the mess, the fun, the joy on the kids face when they realise "wait, what!? The whole cake, for me!?". Max was very delicate with his cake and needed a little encouragement from Mum to get stuck in. Here's a few of my favourite shots, also featuring Max's big sister Freya. 

Izy & Matt

For my first blog post I thought it would be apt for me to blog about my first ever wedding! I photographed this wedding assisting Keown Photos. Izy and Matt's rural wedding took place in Izy's home village of High Ham, Somerset. The Bridal party got ready at Izy's family home just a two minute walk from the church she'd grown up visiting and was soon to get married within. The ceremony was moving and the reception was stunning. As a storyteller I'll let the photos do the talking.